2018-2019 Graduate Bulletin

PSY 770 Positive Psychology: The Science of Well-Being and Flourishing

Positive Psychology, also known as the Science of Happiness, is the science of promoting well-being and optimized lives. It is a branch of psychology that uses scientific understanding and interventions to aid in the achievement of a flourishing life. As such it provides an additional piece to psychology by focusing not on the treatment of dysfunction, but rather on the enhancement and strengthening of human functioning. The course will go through the latest in the empirical evidence of the field, and will evaluate this in relation to theory and issues related to the field of practice. The course also introduces some of the assessments and tools used in the field that aim to uncover purpose and meaning, strengths and resilience, and many other aspects of assessment aimed at building wellbeing and flourishing. The course will provide students with the opportunity to explore and experience some of the toolkits for themselves in relation to their own lives, and also aims to explore how positive psychology can impact individuals, clients, communities and organizations in a positive way.