2014-2015 Undergraduate Bulletin

GEN 255 The Biology of Gender and Sexuality

3 hours 

This course approaches the issues of gender and sexuality from the perspective of the biological sciences. By exploring the evolutionary origins of sexual reproduction, students will gain new insights into how and why sex and gender differences in animals, including humans, came to be. By gaining a solid grounding in basic sex-specific anatomy, physiology, and endocrinology, students will have a framework to consider several further topics, such as: gender-based medicine and the masculinized state of priorities in the biomedical industry; hermaphroditism, transexualism, and sexual reassignment; and reproductive biology and medicine. Finally, the course will examine sexual orientation and the study of its biological nature and origin, both in humans and in the animal world.



Cross Listed Courses

BIO 255


ENG 101, and one of the following: SCI 110, NSC 107 or BIO 103, or both BIO 101 and BIO 102


This course satisfies the Flexible Core: Scientific World area of the Gen Ed Program.