2015-2016 Graduate Bulletin

PSY 754 Advanced Forensic Assessment


This capstone assessment course further develops the capacity of students to perform forensic evaluations, integrating multiple sources of data, and enables the student to present the results of such evaluations in a lucid and useful manner. Focuses on detailed interpretations of representative forensic assessment protocols and case histories. Topics include: competency to stand trial, criminal insanity defenses, pre-sentencing evaluations, dangerousness, assessment of police candidates, job disability and fitness to return to full-duty status, malingering, and forensic hypnosis. Lays special emphasis on ethical standards as they relate to confidentiality, selection of testing procedures and responsibilities to the client" as well as the role of the forensic clinician as a consultant to attorneys




PSY 700 or the equivalent; completion of either PSY 751, PSY 752, PSY 753, PSY 734 or PSY 779; and enrollment in a second assessment course.