2016-2017 Graduate Bulletin

FOS 726 Forensic Toxicology II


This course is a continuation of the advanced study of the scientific principles associated with the medico-legal aspects of drugs and poisons. It builds upon the specific forensic material, general pharmacology, and toxicology presented in previous courses. Forensic toxicology is an evolving science dealing with the qualitative and quantitative identification of poisonous substances and the consequent application of the results to an episode of intoxication. Forensic Toxicology II is intended to formulate a basis through which the student becomes more conversant with a wide range of practical components designed to reinforce topics covered earlier and seeks to give students experience in analytical problems specific to the human biological condition. This course covers the applied aspects commonly encountered in the practice of forensic toxicology: human performance testing, workplace/occupational drug testing, sports medicine, clinical toxicology, the role of the toxicologist in the courtroom and expert testimony, QA/QC and toxicology laboratory management issues. Specific problems will be expanded to include consideration of the impact resulting from a variety of synthetic and/or natural toxins. In this framework, aspects of terrorist attacks with potential weapons of mass destruction will also be discussed. Parallel laboratory sessions dealing with the above topics will be included in order to demonstrate some of the practical aspects associated with these issues. Methods of workplace drug testing, detection of doping agents, therapeutic drug monitoring, and QA/QC topics will be addressed in the laboratory environment.




FOS 707 - Principles of Forensic Toxicology and FOS 725 - Forensic Toxicology I.