2016-2017 Undergraduate Bulletin

Maximum Number of Courses in a Term

Freshmen and sophomores are permitted to register for five courses each semester; juniors and seniors may register for six. Sophomores, juniors and seniors with grade point averages of 3.30 or above may exceed these limits by one course. The foregoing limits may be exceeded by enrolling in a physical education activity course that awards 1 credit. When making decisions about course load, students are encouraged to take into account factors like employment and family responsibilities, and to register for the number of courses in which they can expect to do well. Students should plan to spend at least two hours on coursework outside of class for every hour they spend in class. During summer sessions, students may register for up to 6 credits per session. Students on academic probation may not register for summer session without the approval of the Dean of Undergraduate Studies or the Registrar.

Maximum Number of Courses for Students on Academic Probation

The Academic Review Committee limits the number of credits that students on academic probation may take to 6 credits, 9 credits, or 12 credits, on a case-by-case basis.