2016-2017 Undergraduate Bulletin

GEN 140 Gender, Activism & Social Change

3 hours 

This course introduces students to general topics in activism, gender studies, and justice. The course will draw connections between gender, race, sexuality and grassroots, community and organizational activism and social justice and change. Students will be expected to apply the knowledge gained in the classroom to observational and documentation projects focusing on the activism occurring on the college campus and in the larger community. The course will introduce key terms in the interdisciplinary fields of gender and activist studies, and some of the important debates in these fields. It will then focus on a specific form of activism toward social justice and change-for instance food justice or animal rights-and the role of gender in that movement.




This course satisfies the John Jay College Option: Justice and the Individual (100-level) area of the Gen Ed Program.

This course is a First Year Seminar and is restricted to Freshmen only.