2017-2018 Graduate Bulletin

FOS 760 Scientific Evidence, Expert Testimony, and Ethics for Research and Forensic Scientists


This is a course of study designed to introduce the forensic science student to the interrelationship of science and the law as well as discuss some of the ethical problems that may confront him/her in their role as an expert witness and scientific researcher. The role of the expert and his testimony in assisting the court and the trier of fact will be explored. Classic Frye rule considerations will be presented, as well as the newer Daubert guidelines. The impact of the Federal Rules of Evidence will be discussed. The course will be taught by lectures and by the Socratic Method. Students will be given assignments from textbooks, handouts, and library research and are expected to be prepared for class discussions each period. A portion of the instruction will address how to prepare and testify as an effective expert, and a portion will be spent dealing with cross-examination.




Coursework necessary for admission to Master of Science in Forensic Science Program.