2017-2018 Undergraduate Bulletin

Course Load

Maximum Number of Courses in a Term

Undergraduate students are permitted to register for up to 18 credits per term in the fall and spring and up to 14 credits during a summer term, not to exceed 7 credits in any one summer session. Students can take one course in the winter session. Students may take a 1-credit physical education activity course in excess of these limits by contacting Jay Express Services. Juniors and seniors with grade point averages of 3.30 or above may take one course in excess of these limits by contacting Jay Express Services.

When making decisions about course load, students are encouraged to take into account factors like employment and family responsibilities and to register for the number of courses in which they can reasonably expect to do well. Students should plan to spend at least two hours on coursework outside of class for every hour they spend in class.

Maximum Number of Courses for Students on Academic Probation

The Academic Review Committee limits the number of credits that students on academic probation may take to 6 credits, 9 credits, or 12 credits, depending on the student's academic record.

During the first semester that a student is no longer on academic probation, that student may register for no more than four courses.

Full Time Enrollment Requirements for International Students

Students with F-1 or J-1 visas are required to maintain full-time status each semester.