2017-2018 Undergraduate Bulletin

SEC 344 Introduction to Executive and Event Protection

3 hours 

This course introduces and comprehensively analyzes standard and advanced protocols relating to security protection for special events and special categories of people, namely executives, celebrities and political figures. How to secure a large-scale public setting to insure or minimize the potential for harm and injury within a large event, such as a sporting or entertainment affair, is a central course aim. The second phase of the course is dedicated to the standards and practice of professional executive protection. Protection of person, property, transport, use of decoy and deception, intelligence gathering and usage, are a few of the topics considered in this vital area of security. Other topics include risk assessments for sport and entertainment venues, the importance of public-private interface in high-profile protection, case studies on real-world situations and tactics to mitigate harm and risk.




ENG 201, SEC 101, SEC 210