2018-2019 Undergraduate Bulletin

HIS 366 Religions of the Ancient World

3 hours 

In antiquity, religion was a driving force that both transformed society and was transformed by society. This course will provide a survey of early religious movements of the ancient world, showing how the myths, ritual, and sacred laws of ancient societies expressed their world views. Religion has always been an influential factor in society, and students will learn how organized religion developed into a powerful social and political tool. The course will focus primarily on the major religious movements of the ancient Near East: Mesopotamia, Egypt, and the early Israelite tradition; however, other ancient religions (including the Greek and Roman traditions, Hinduism, Buddhism, New World and African traditions) will also be touched on. The course will balance an understanding of the personal practices of ancient religions with an understanding of the larger political and social role of religion.




ENG 201 and any 200-level History course