2018-2019 Undergraduate Bulletin

ISP 112 Going Places: Travel & Transformation

3 hours 

This course will explore what happens when people travel, when they leave the comfort and security of the familiar and venture into the unknown, to learn, encounter, adapt and clash with new and unfamiliar people and cultures.  It will examine the cultural assumptions we bring along when we travel and the racial, ethnic, gender and class perspectives that underpin our notions of the world through which we move.  It will interrogate, analyze and critique the narratives we construct about other people, other cultures and other places, and consider how our encounters with other cultures transform us, just as we transform them.  This course draws on texts from the humanities and social sciences, and will consider representations of travel in drama, film, literature and the fine arts.




This course satisfies the Flexible Core: World Cultures and Global Issues area of the Gen Ed Program.