2018-2019 Undergraduate Bulletin

SCI 114 Scientific Principles of Forensic Science

3 hours 

This course is an introduction to basic scientific investigative methods used in forensic science. Forensic science encompasses various disciplines that surround topics such as crime scene investigation, medicolegal death investigation, toxicology, anthropology, odontology, etc. It is primarily laboratory based and students will examine materials for the presence of biological evidence (ie. blood, DNA), analyze trace evidence (ie. hairs, fibers, soil), analyze pattern evidence (ie. fingerprints, footprints, tool marks), and study landmark cases in forensic science to contrast fact from fiction. To be an effective “scientific investigator,” students will learn how to apply biology, chemistry, physics, and investigation to analyze data in order to solve mock cases and criminal justice problems.

Please note, the discipline of forensic science implies that the course material may be disturbing for some students due to the potentially graphic content used.




This course satisfies the Required Core: Life and Physical Sciences area of the Gen Ed Program.