2021-2022 Undergraduate Bulletin

AFR 325 Research Methods in Human Services and Community Justice

3 hours 

This research methods course articulates relationships between human service provision and community justice, and provides students with tools and skills to conduct community-based research, participatory action research, and to apply evidence-based research to practice. It provides students with a working vocabulary, sets of analytical tools, and a variety of qualitative research methods, write scholarly and professional essays and papers, and give oral presentations. Students enhance their capacity to identify problems and interventions, to analyze information, and contribute to the creation of new knowledge. Students proceed through the steps of conducting research, including formulating the research question, finding peer-reviewed sources, annotating their bibliography, producing a literature review, creating a research outline, conducting participatory action research, analyzing data; and completing a research paper.




ENG 201; and AFR 140 or AFR 145 or CHS 150