2021-2022 Undergraduate Bulletin

BIO 360 Human Pathology

6 hours (3 lecture, 3 laboratory)

This course will provide a comprehensive introduction to human pathology with emphasis on mechanisms of disease and modern diagnostic technologies. Topics will include (1) General Mechanisms of Disease (Inflammation, Infection, Immune Injury, Host Response to Foreign Materials, Transplantation, Genetic Disorders and Neoplasia), (2) Pathology of Lipids, Enzymes and Molecular Transporters, (3) Pathology of Major Organ Systems, (4) Review of Diagnostic Tools from Invasive Surgical Pathology to Non-invasive Techniques such as Optical Spectroscopy, Functional Imaging, and Molecular Markers of Disease and (5) Ethics in Pathology (patients data, HIPAA regulation, Henrietta Lacks case study). The objectives of this course are achieved by a set of integrated lectures and laboratories, as well as a student-driven term project leading to a formal presentation on a medical, socioeconomic, or technological issue in human pathology.




ENG 201, BIO 104