2021-2022 Undergraduate Bulletin

BIO 364 Forensic Pathology

6 hours (3 lecture, 3 laboratory)

This course will provide a comprehensive introduction to forensic pathology, a sub-category of pathology linked to criminal justice. The goal of this class is to provide a basic working knowledge for the interpretation of medical facts and the circumstances surrounding unexplained or violent deaths. Topics will include (1) Craniocerebral and vertebrospinal trauma and sudden neurological death, (2) Asphyxia and thermal injuries, (3) Penetrating trauma (firearm, sharp force), (4) Blunt trauma,  and (5) Autopsy and Ethics linked to the practice of forensic pathology in the criminal justice system. The objectives of this course are achieved by a set of integrated lectures and laboratories, as well as a student-driven term project leading to a formal presentation and written report on a specific case in forensic pathology or a specific protocol related to the practice of forensic pathology.




ENG 201, BIO 104