2021-2022 Undergraduate Bulletin

CJBS 250 Research Methods and Statistics for Criminal Justice

3 hours 

This course will present the research process, types of studies, appropriate descriptive statistical techniques and guidelines for formulating research questions and testable hypotheses. It will also review how to decide on an appropriate population for study, how variables are constructed, and how data are collected and organized, and discuss sampling methods and sample size. A variety of research methods will be covered, including experimental, quasi-experimental and survey methods, as well as other forms of data collection and the use of existing databases. Students will also be exposed to qualitative methodologies including ethnography, observation, content-analysis, and interviewing techniques.




ENG 101, CJBS 101 or CRJ 101, and MAT 105 or MAT 108 or MAT 141 or MAT 241 or MAT 242 or STA 250 (or higher) or MAT 1 (for transfer students)