2021-2022 Undergraduate Bulletin

CJBS 415 Capstone Seminar for BS in Criminal Justice

3 hours 

This capstone seminar is required of all Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice majors. It affords students the opportunity to reexamine and integrate the practical and theoretical knowledge and critical thinking skills acquired over the course of their studies within the major into a meaningful culminating experience. Students will participate in debates central to the understanding of the American criminal justice system. Focusing on reexamination of some prominent criminal justice texts, the course will require students to critically examine in depth an original work relative to its social and political context and to the theoretical and empirical literature. Students will also apply and advance theoretical arguments in oral and written form through an in-depth examination of a current or controversial issue of their choosing such as: the use of force by police, plea bargaining, or mass incarceration.




ENG 201 and CJBS 300