2021-2022 Undergraduate Bulletin

ECO 360 Corporate and White-Collar Crime

3 hours 

In examining crimes committed by corporations and organizations, as well as individuals in the course of their occupation, this course explores how such crimes are socially defined, who commits them, who is victimized by them, which social contexts promote them, and how society responds to them. The economic, social, and political costs of corporate and white-collar crime are compared to street crime. Other topics include embezzlement, fraud, and theft, which occurs within enterprises; "underground" economic activity; criminal violation of antitrust and environmental laws; security, fiduciary and market crimes; and corrupt relationships between business and government. Members of either the economics or sociology faculties teach this course with varying emphasis on the above topics.



Cross Listed Courses

SOC 360


ENG 201; and ECO 101 or ECO 120 or ECO 125 or SOC 101