2021-2022 Undergraduate Bulletin

PSC 255 Research Methods in Policing

3 hours 

This course will offer students an understanding of the role research can and should play in police operations and policy formulation. Special focus will be placed upon understanding what makes research methods in policing different than when applying the topic to a more general criminal justice environment. Students will understand the research process, types of studies, appropriate descriptive statistical techniques and guidelines for maximizing the efficacy of police operations, crime prevention and police policy development. Students will also be exposed to qualitative methodologies that will allow them to use analysis as efficiently as possible within police specific settings. In addition, students will be exposed to literature that is specific to research methods and statistics in the context of policing and law enforcement.




ENG 101; CJBS 101 or CRJ 101 or PSC 101; MAT 105 or 108 or MAT 141 or MAT 241 or MAT 242 or STA 250 or MAT 1 (for transfer students)