2021-2022 Undergraduate Bulletin

PSC 260 Evidence-based and Problem-Oriented Policing

3 hours 

This course offers an examination of the law enforcement approaches known as evidence-based and problem-oriented policing. Evidence-based policing (EBP) advocates for the systematic analysis of "what works" in promoting public safety and for policy to be stringently based on scientific evidence. Problem-oriented policing (POP) stresses the in-depth analysis of micro-level problems, and the development of strategies that directly address these root problems and is a key in the prevention of crime. The rise of EBP and POP represent a contemporary re-focusing of the police mission whereas law enforcement had traditionally been an incident-based, reactive enterprise. This class offers an in-depth examination of these issues, including the theoretical foundations, core elements, practical applications, record of success, and recent criticisms of both evidence-based and problem-oriented policing.




ENG 101, PSC 101