2021-2022 Undergraduate Bulletin

SOC 377 Internships for Sociology

(Formerly SOC 390) 

3 hours 

Internships provide students with an excellent opportunity to gain academic credit and hands-on work experience. Drawing from sociological concepts, theories, and methods, that they have learned in the classroom, internships in Sociology give students a chance to be a participant-observer in a wide-range of workplace settings where they can gain invaluable knowledge, skills and experiences while exploring future career options, building one's resume, developing networks, and meeting perspective employers. This course has two components that must be fulfilled - successful completion of at least 96 hours at a placement site and completion of the academic portion of the course which includes a mandatory 15 hours of instruction. Interns will have a variety reading and writing assignments for the academic portion of the course. Students wishing to obtain an internship must contact the Center for Career and Professional Development.




ENG 201 and sophomore standing or above and permission of the instructor


Students must have the permission of the Center for Career and Professional Development to register for this course.