2014-2015 Undergraduate Bulletin

Public Safety

Emergency Services Hotline 212.237.8888


The Office of Public Safety responds to emergencies, and security and safety problems. With the exception of the BMW Building and the 54th Street Academic Annex, the Public Safety desks are staffed at all times. The telephone numbers for the Public Safety desks are:

  • Command Center: 212.237.8524
  • New Building (59th Street): 212.621.4174
  • New Building (11th Avenue): 212.621.4175
  • Haaren Hall (899 Tenth Avenue): 212.237.8266
  • North Hall (445 W. 59th Street): 212.237.8740
  • BMW Building (555 W. 57th Street, 6th Floor): 212.237.8700
  • Westport Building (500 W. 56th Street): 212.484.1120
  • 54th Street Academic Annex (619 W. 54th Street):646.557.4772