2014-2015 Undergraduate Bulletin


A minor is a course of study that allows undergraduates a second field of specialization. Minors are intended to encourage and officially acknowledge students’ attainment of knowledge in more than one academic field, with the goal of broadening their education.

A minor requires 18–21 credits in a particular field different from the student’s major. Because many majors are interdisciplinary at John Jay College, some overlap may occur between courses appearing in a major and a minor (or between majors or minors). Only two courses may overlap between a student’s majors, minors or programs. At least 50 percent of the credits in a minor must be taken at the College and at least two-thirds of the credits in a minor must be graded on an A through F basis. A minor shall be completely optional for students and cannot be required by an academic program. Minor requirements must be completed with at least an overall 2.0 (C) grade point average in the courses used to earn the minor that were completed at John Jay College.

A student who wishes to pursue a minor should consult the minor advisor or chairperson of the appropriate department or program as early as possible. Students should declare minors by the time they have earned 75 credits by filling out the Undergraduate Declaration of Minor Form and submit it to J Express. Students should be able to see their declared minors on their unofficial transcripts in CUNYFirst. . Be aware that some minors may have advanced enrollment requirements, specific procedures for completing the minor, or requirements and/or restrictions concerning grades and courses, which may be used to fulfill the minor.

When a student files the Graduation Audit Form, their declared minor will be evaluated. If there is a question or discrepancy, students will be contacted by the registrar’s office. The degree auditor will state the issue in writing and mail students a print copy of the minor declaration form to bring to the appropriate academic department or program for signature. Students should consult the entries that follow for the curricular requirements of each minor. Completion of a minor is noted on the student’s official transcript and will be conferred at the same time that the degree is conferred.

Note: Minors may NOT be conferred retroactively upon students who have already graduated.

John Jay College of Criminal Justice offers the following minors:

Addiction Studies
Africana Studies
Africana Studies Honors
Computer Science
Dispute Resolution
Film Studies
Fire Science
Fraud Examination
Gender Studies
Health and Physical Education
Human Rights Studies
Human Services
Humanities and Justice
Latin American and Latina/o Studies
Latin American and Latina/o Studies Honors
Latina/o Literature





Police Studies

Political Science


Public Administration

Security Management



Speech and Media

Sustainability and Environmental Justice

Theatre Arts