2014-2015 Undergraduate Bulletin

Security Management Minor

Description. The minor in Security Management targets the analysis of security risks and vulnerabilities, along with the administration of programs designed to reduce loss-in public and private institutions and corporations. The minor helps prepare students for careers as managers, consultants and entrepreneurs.

Rationale. Every public institution and private corporation has a security function associated with its mission. Understanding this function within a particular industry or public enterprise enhances the skill set of the professional working in or studying that field. Further, understanding the principles, practices and law within the security field enables individuals to better safeguard their person, property and privacy-both inside and outside of the work environment.

Minor coordinator. Professor Marie Helen Maras, Department of Security, Fire and Emergency Management (212.621.4168, mmaras@jjay.cuny.edu).


  • A minimum of 18 credits is required.
  • All courses applied to the minor must be courses designated by the course number prefix specific to security management (SEC). Courses that are cross–listed in the college bulletin are acceptable, e.g., SEC/CSCI.
  • No more than 2 courses applied to a minor may be credits that the student also uses to fulfill a major, other minor or program.
  • At least 6 credits applied to the minor must be in courses at the 300–level or above.

Total Credit Hours: 18