2015-2016 Graduate Bulletin

Advanced Certificates Offered

Advanced Certificate Programs

John Jay College offers the following advanced post-baccalaureate and post-graduate certificate programs:

  • Advanced Certificate in Applied Digital Forensic Science
  • Advanced Certificate in Computer Science for Digital Forensics
  • Advanced Certificate in Crime Prevention and Analysis
  • Advanced Certificate in Criminal Investigation
  • Advanced Certificate in Forensic Accounting (Available only to students in the Master of Public Administration Inspection and Oversight Program.)
  • Advanced Certificate in Terrorism Studies
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Forensic Psychology

Upon successful completion of certificate requirements, the student must fill out the Advanced Certificate Completion Application in order to be awarded a New York State Education Department certificate. The certificate programs enhance the academic and professional body of knowledge in criminal justice, digital forensics and cybersecurity, forensic psychology, and forensic accounting. Certificate programs meet the special needs of pre-career, mid-career and second-career students.

  • With the exception of the Forensic Accounting Certificate program, students may pursue a certificate independent of a master’s degree program.
  • Prospective certificate program students who are not matriculated in a John Jay master’s degree program must apply for admission to the certificate program.
  • John Jay matriculated graduate students, who are in good academic standing and meet the admissions requirements, may enroll in one of the certificate programs by filling out the Declaration of Enrollment in Advanced Certificate Program Application available at the Jay Express Student Center.

John Jay matriculated graduate students who have questions concerning the admissions requirements should contact the Graduate Admissions Office to determine eligibility. To learn more about the admissions requirements for each certificate program, please see the respective section of this bulletin.

For admissions inquiries please contact the Graduate Admissions Office at 212.237.8863 or graduateadmissions@jjay.cuny.edu. For academic inquiries please contact the respective Advanced Certificate Program Coordinator. You may also contact the Office of Graduate Studies at 212.237.8423 or graduatestudies@jjay.cuny.edu.