2015-2016 Graduate Bulletin

(CAD4SCI) Applied Digital Forensic Science, Advanced Certificate

Program Coordinator/Advisor: Professor Richard Lovely

The CAD4SCI program of study provides four graduate computer science courses (12 credits) on the science of digital forensics followed by a practical Digital Forensic Science Qualifying Exam. These courses blend study of theory and method with practical hands-on application. The certificate is awarded to students who complete the four courses with grades of B or better and who score a grade of Pass or better on the exam.

Requirements for the Certificate Program

FCM 710Architecture and Vulnerabilities of Operating Systems


FCM 742Network Security


FCM 745Network Forensics


FCM 760Forensic Management of Digital Evidence


Total Credit Hours: 12

For additional information about the CAD4SCI Certificate program, please contact Professor Richard Lovely at 212.237.8685 or rlovely@jjay.cuny.edu.