2015-2016 Undergraduate Bulletin

Independent Study Courses

Students who wish to undertake independent study under the direction of a member of the faculty must complete an “Independent Study Form” obtained online at the Jay Stop at http://jstop.jjay.cuny.edu. The form must be signed by both the faculty member and the department chair, certified by the Registrar and accepted during the official registration period and prior to the end of the second week of class. Approval is subject to the academic prerequisites listed in the course description and the following stipulations:

  • The student must have completed 60 degree credits and have a 2.50 grade point average.
  • Students may take only one independent study course each semester, up to a total of four such courses for the duration of their undergraduate enrollment at the College.
  • The instructor must be a full-time member of the faculty.
  • The instructor cannot sponsor more than two independent studies per semester.

Permission for exceptions to these regulations must be obtained from the department chair and the Vice President for Enrollment Management or the Dean of Undergraduate Studies prior to the registration period. Independent study courses at the 400-level require the additional approval of the Dean of Undergraduate Studies.