2016-2017 Graduate Bulletin

Campus Resources

Computers and Educational Technology

Classroom Lab Support Services (CLSS)

L2.72.00 NB

Classroom Lab Support Services (CLSS) (formerly known as Instructional Technology Support Services), a division of the Department of Information Technology (DoIT), leads the development and deployment of new educational technology and to provide the training required to effectively integrate technology into the instructional program.

CLSS provides a multitude of outstanding services to assist John Jay College faculty, staff, and students to achieve their instructional technology development and productivity. Listed below is a brief description of each type of services.

Professional Development and Training Services

CLSS offers a variety of training sessions and events designed for different needs and users. Every semester, CLSS presents series of training sessions from hour long demonstrations to extensive, multiple day, classroom-based hands-on courses on a variety of computing topics for the faculty, staff, and students. To help you find the right type of training, these training sessions are listed under appropriately named categories such as 25 minute Tech Shot, Tech Bites, Workshops, Demonstrations , Announced Walk-In, Training Courses and others. To help you find training topics of interest regardless of categories, use our new All-In-One schedule.

Computer Lab Services

CLSS provides John Jay College students with access and support to well-maintained computers in our facilities (e.g. Student Computer Lab Center ), as well as all Student Technology Fee funded Departme ntal Computer Labs, Cyber Cafe and Lounge areas, Mobile Computer Labs, the Laptop Loan Center and the new EZ Print Center and Stations .

Classroom Technology Services (CTS)

CLSS provides and maintains all the instructional technology within classrooms. Our excellent CTS staff is always ready to support the faculty and staff in achieving the optimal use of classroom technology for teaching or presentation.

Consultation and Other Services

CLSS offers personalized, one-on-one consultations to our faculty and staff scheduled at a mutually convenient time. Other services include Software Site Licensing and Distribution , Podcasting support, Website Development Support, iTunes U Support, Blackboard Student Support and much more.

Online Training Resources and FAQs

CLSS produces multiple documents and training materials to facilitate professional development for online access at you own pace and time. Committed to providing a supplemental enhanced learning experience, CLSS has chosen an acclaimed professional web-based training site, MySkillSource . In addition to the above primary services, CLSS administers and coordinates the Student Technology Fee at John Jay College which entails the acquisition of proposed hardware and software to achieve successful approved project implementation.

Information about upcoming events, services and workshops sponsored by CLSS is posted on the CLSS website and also on the College Calendar.

Emergency Closing of the College


Notice of college closings due to serious snowstorms or other emergencies are posted on the John Jay College website.

Public Safety

Emergency Services Hotline 212.237.8888

The Office of Public Safety responds to emergencies, and security and safety problems. With the exception of the BMW Building and the 54th Street Academic Annex, the Public Safety desks are staffed at all times. The telephone numbers for the Public Safety desks are:

  • Command Center: 212.237.8524
  • New Building (59th Street): 212.621.4174
  • New Building (11th Avenue): 212.621.4175
  • Haaren Hall (899 Tenth Avenue): 212.237.8266
  • North Hall (445 W. 59th Street): 212.237.8740
  • BMW Building (555 W. 57th Street, 6th Floor): 212.237.8700
  • Westport Building (500 W. 56th Street): 212.484.1120
  • 54th Street Academic Annex (619 W. 54th Street):646.557.4772

Gerald W. Lynch Theater


John Jay College offers its students a variety of opportunities for participation in theatre and play production, as well as access to nearby Lincoln Center and Broadway productions.

A major departmental production is mounted each semester in the Gerald W. Lynch Theater, a state-of-the-art facility located in Haaren Hall. In addition to stage productions, performances of work often conceived and performed by students, and hosted by one or more clubs or college programs, are held each semester in alternative spaces at the College. The Department of Communication and Theatre Arts presents a vibrant theatre program that dates back to the earliest days of the College. Many productions involve criminal justice themes, and have included major plays in the repertoire of world drama ranging from Greek tragedy to plays by contemporary playwrights, including: Oedipus Rex, The Merchant of Venice, Marat Sade, The Bald Soprano, Short Eyes, Equus, For Colored Girls… and Crimes of the Heart.

Kafka’s The Trial and Sidney Kingsley’s Detective Story were recognized by major New York critics, while more recently, The Crucible and Macbeth drew large, enthusiastic crowds and glowing accolades from students and the community alike. Musicals like Godspell, Brecht’s Happy End , and Once Upon This Island have offered John Jay’s multi-talented students the opportunity to showcase their acting skills, as well as their instrumental and vocal talents. Reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of the College, departmental productions generally involve close collaboration with student clubs, the John Jay Players (the student theatrical group) and Women’s Studies.

In recent years, departmental productions have been featured in the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival, main stage productions have won praise from festival adjudicators, and student actors and technicians have been invited to perform and attend workshops at regional Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festivals. For information on performances, students may contact the Department of Communication and Theatre Arts.