2017-2018 Undergraduate Bulletin

The Research Consortium of John Jay College

A passion for learning and understanding defines the Research Consortium at John Jay College. The members of the consortium are committed to addressing the ongoing challenges that face the criminal justice community in its efforts to ensure public safety. The Research Consortium operates under the oversight of the college’s Office for the Advancement of Research.

The Research Consortium of John Jay College includes:

  • Academy for Critical Incident Analysis
  • Center for Cybercrime Studies
  • Center for International Human Rights
  • Center on Media, Crime and Justice
  • Center on Race, Crime and Justice
  • Center on Terrorism
  • Christian Regenhard Center for Emergency Response Studies
  • Dispute Resolution Center
  • Institute for Criminal Justice Ethics
  • National Network for Safe Communities
  • Prisoner Reentry Institute
  • Research and Evaluation Center

For more information about the centers and institutes, visit http://johnjayresearch.org.