2018-2019 Graduate Bulletin

CRJ 758 Public Health Challenges in Criminal Justice: An Epidemiological Approach

This course surveys major public health challenges to the administration of criminal justice and covers the theory, methods, and body of knowledge of correctional epidemiology. Students examine, conceptually and empirically, the distribution and determinants of dis- ease and mortality in criminal justice populations; they also review broader structural and policy contexts of the problem. This course adopts the format of a research seminar in which advanced MA students study under an active researcher with each doing original research and all exchanging results through progress reports and group discussions. Reading of scientific papers, analysis of national health datasets, and peer learning provide the structure and sup- port to ensure that by the end of the semester all students produce a capstone research project and attain all of the learning objectives. Brief lectures on epidemiological concepts and approaches will supplement seminar activities. The use of information technology for literature review, statistical analysis, and presentation of research findings will be refreshed and reinforced throughout the semester.




CRJ 715 and CRJ 716