2018-2019 Graduate Bulletin

ICJ 791 International Crime and Justice Thesis I

This course represents the first half of the 6-credit thesis track for the Master of Arts in International Crime and Justice Program. It will be offered one-on-one between the student and his or her designated faculty advisor. Together, they will draft and sign a contract establishing milestones and deadlines for completion of the initial steps of the thesis. The final product may be a traditional master's thesis or a manuscript of an article for submission to a quality peer-reviewed journal. This course will assist the student in the identification and delineation of researchable topics with suggestions for appropriate research methods. It will review scholarly writing conventions, library research and referencing. The student will complete his or her thesis prospectus by the end of the course as well as apply for and obtain IRB approval.




Students must have completed all the core course of the MA in ICJ Program, have received a grade of A or A- in ICJ 715 and CRJ 716, maintained a 3.5 GPA and received the permission of the program director.