2018-2019 Undergraduate Bulletin

BIO 488 Cell and Molecular Biology Capstone Course

In this course, students will learn to connect basic concepts in different areas of biology to explore new ideas and find solutions to the main biological problems of our time. Knowledge of cellular and molecular biology, genetics, and biochemistry will be applied to a specific area of current studies in the biological sciences. Students will be exposed to the history of cell and molecular biology by reading the research that has led to the main breakthroughs in the field. They will revisit concepts learned in previous cell and molecular biology courses and explore the application to a specific field. The course will focus on providing a framework for future understanding of problems within the field of biology. It will also highlight the connection of these problems to related areas of research in other fields, such as public health and bioethics, to broaden the scope of our cell and molecular biology graduates.




ENG 201, BIO 205, BIO 315, CHE 315