2018-2019 Undergraduate Bulletin

CHE 100 Preparation for General Chemistry

3 hours 

Chemistry 100 is a preparatory course for students wishing to major or minor in a science discipline (forensic science, biology, toxicology or chemistry, i.e. all majors and minors offered by the Department of Sciences), but are not eligible for direct entry into Chemistry 101. This course covers the basic skills necessary to succeed in general chemistry including mastery of chemistry problem solving, arithmetic and algebra as applied in chemistry and biology, strategies for learning and studying science material, critical thinking and analysis, and science writing. Students who pass this course are then eligible to take Chemistry 101.




MAT 105 or MAT 141 or MAT 241 or above


Students should be taking CHE 100 at the same time as MAT 105 or MAT 141 or MAT 241 or above depending on their Math placement. See J Express for assistance in registering.


This course is graded on a Credit/No Credit basis (CR/NC). 

Students can only take CHE 100 once, it is not repeatable.  

This course is for entering Freshman who have an interest in pursuing one of the majors offered by John Jay's Department of Sciences.