2018-2019 Undergraduate Bulletin

CHE 103 General Chemistry I

71/2 hours: 3 hours lecture, 11/2 hours recitation, 3 hours laboratory

This course is for students majoring in Forensic Science, Cell and Molecular Biology, Toxicology, Fire Science, or minoring in Biology or Chemistry, and who have a strong math and science background. Using a molecular approach, it provides a comprehensive (lecture, recitation, laboratory) first year introduction to the principles of chemistry, with topics that include modern atomic and molecular theory, basic properties and reactions of the elements and compounds, chemical quantities and aqueous reactions, the quantum mechanical model of the atom, gases, thermochemistry, periodic properties of the elements and stoichiometry, which will be explored in greater detail in General Chemistry II. Laboratory exercises stress principles of qualitative and semi-quantitative experimentation. They will foster a better understanding of chemical principles and ensure that the necessary skills are developed to work in a scientific laboratory safely and effectively.




Chemistry placement exam and student must be majoring in Forensic Science, Cell and Molecular Biology, or Toxicology and MAT 105 or MAT 141 or MAT 241 or above


This course satisfies the Required Core: Life and Physical Sciences area or the Flexible Core: Scientific World area of the Gen Ed Program. This course has a $25.00 material fee.

Note: Placement exam may be taken at the Math and Science Resource Center.