2018-2019 Undergraduate Bulletin

HIS 240 Historiography

3 hours 

The study of history has changed a great deal since the mid-20th century, and the scholarly field currently embraces studies in intellectual, world, military, economic, social, and cultural history, as well as more narrowly identified studies in specific fields, such as the history of medicine or the history of war. This class introduces students to the most common approaches to the study of history, including cultural, social, political, economic, gender and sexuality, and military, encouraging them to consider what kind of history each approach values and to understand its strengths and limitations. This course acts as a bridge in the history major, moving students from simply learning history to learning the significant approaches to doing it. By the end of the course, students will understand the plethora of approaches available to studying history, know when to use which approach and why, and be ready to begin historical investigations of their own.




ENG 101 and any 200-level or above History (HIS) course