2018-2019 Undergraduate Bulletin

HIS 364 History of Gender and Sexuality: Prehistory to 1650

3 hours 

This class will build on the introductory surveys in gender and sexuality and global history to provide students with two new lenses through which to view history. Given that gender and sexuality are cultural constructs that represent the social mores of the cultures and times in which they exist, and thus have changed throughout history, we will move from the ancient world through 1650 to provide a chronological and global perspective on the changing meanings of sex, sexuality and gender, and the ways in which their changes represent broader shifts in cultural values and emphases. The course will address the history of gender and sexuality in China, sub-Saharan Africa, Europe and India. Primary and secondary sources provide the basis for class discussion and written assignments.



Cross Listed Courses

GEN 364


ENG 201; GEN 101 or ISP 145 or any 200-level or higher History (HIS) course