2018-2019 Undergraduate Bulletin

LIT 370 Topics in Ancient Literature

3 hours 

Topics in Ancient Literature gives students insight into myth, religion, politics, culture and aesthetics of a variety of cultures in the ancient world. Individual instructors will develop their syllabi according to their areas of specialization, but possible subjects include: (a) topics such as oral vs. written culture, democracy in literature, outlaws in the ancient world; (b) themes such as fate, heroism, love, and war; and (c) genres such as tragedy, comedy, and oral epics. Students will learn to examine the ancient world through theoretical perspectives such as postcolonialism, feminism, performance, and historiography, and in the process, they will develop critical skills such as close reading, analysis, organized thought, and effective writing.




ENG 201; LIT 260 or permission of the instructor


LIT 260 or permission of the instructor