2018-2019 Undergraduate Bulletin

LLS 322 Latina/o Struggles for Civil Rights & Social Justice

3 hours 

This course provides an interdisciplinary overview of the experiences of Mexican Americans, Puerto Ricans and other Latino/as during the Civil Rights period. It focuses on the Latino/a social movements during the 1960s and their consequences today for the struggles for civil rights and social justice of Latino/as and other racial minorities in the U.S. Topics include access to education and employment; immigrant rights; detention and deportation; race and crime; Latino/a and African American alliance building; Latino/a citizenship and the military, and gender values and sexuality.




ENG 201 and junior standing or above


This course satisfies the John Jay College Option: Struggle for Justice and Equality in the U.S. (300-level) area of the Gen Ed Program.

(Former title: Civil Rights & Civil Liberties in Urban Latina/o Communities)