2018-2019 Undergraduate Bulletin

PSY 378 Fieldwork in Psychology

3 hours

This course provides a supervised experience assisting psychologists, psychological scientists and/or other licensed mental health professionals in psychology with their professional functions.  Students will work in an applied professional setting, such as a prison, special treatment clinic, hospital, rehabilitation setting or research lab (as arranged through the Center for Career and Professional Development).  Training might include observations, interviewing and taking case histories, staff and case conferences, and/or work on a research project.  Students will also participate in classroom seminars supervised by a faculty member with a focus on career development, and will develop a writing piece on a topic relating to their field placement. 




ENG 201, PSY 242 and majoring in Forensic Psychology


Note: Students identify their own placements and must have the permission of the Center for Career and Professional Development to register for this course.