2018-2019 Undergraduate Bulletin

Faculty Mentored Research Experience Courses

Faculty Mentored Research Experience courses enable a small group of students to work with full-time faculty on research projects. Students may be engaged in individual research projects or a single research project and must be conducting this research under the guidance and direction of the faculty member teaching the course.  These may be major thesis projects, honors thesis projects, fieldwork projects, or faculty research projects in which students participate in research activities which can include literature reviews, data collection, data analysis, research design and methods, etc. These activities can vary depending on the discipline and area of research.  Faculty meet weekly with students as a group for a total of 15 hours over the course of the semester.  Students will complete the remainder of class hours through their research activities and assignments.  These courses can be repeated once. 

Students are limited to taking a maximum of two Faculty Mentored Research Experience courses for credit in their undergraduate career. Students must have sophomore standing or higher and permission of the instructor to enroll. Each course section must have a minimum of three students. The instructor must be a full-time faculty member. Faculty can only offer one Faculty Mentored Research Experience course per semester.