2019-2020 Graduate Bulletin

Preferred Name

John Jay College respects the importance that a name change might have to students during their time at the college. A preferred name is not a legal name, but is generally used to change how others refer to the student. For example, student Jonathan Doe may prefer the name John or student Mary Jane Doe may want to be referred to as Mary Jane or Jane, rather than Mary. Note that preferred names are not limited to variations of a student’s legal name; for example, student Jennifer may request the preferred name David due to a change in gender identity and be unable to present the documents necessary to secure a court-ordered name change.

John Jay College allows the use of a preferred name on all documents and records other than official documents (such as diplomas and transcripts). Documents and records that may display a preferred name include, among other things, course rosters, student identification cards, student email addresses, and honors, awards, and prizes issued by the College.