2019-2020 Graduate Bulletin


General Procedures

Students register using CUNYfirst, the College’s online registration tool. New graduate students attend an academic advisement session prior to registration and a new student orientation prior to the first day of classes.

A fee of $15 is charged for late registration. Tuition and fees are payable at the time of registration. All registration is subject to the limits of course availability and to sufficiency of enrollment.

The Schedule of Classes, listing class meeting hours and instructors, is available in the preceding spring for the fall semester and in early November for the spring semester on the College’s website: www.jjay.cuny.edu. It also contains registration and enrollment policies and procedures.

Students are reminded that outstanding financial obligations and John Jay Library or CUNY Interlibrary fines must be cleared before registration. Students may be barred from registration and/or graduation until these obligations are fulfilled.

Immunization Requirements

To attend college in New York State, proof of immunization is required prior to registration. John Jay College ensures that students comply with New York State Public Health Laws. This law requires that all new college students, born on or after January 1, 1957, provide proof of immunization for measles, mumps and rubella (MMR). Please contact the John Jay College Health Office for further information: healthoffice@jjay.cuny.edu.

Late Registration

Students who register for courses during late registration are responsible for all work assigned from the beginning of the term; they are also subject to the instructor’s attendance policy, beginning with the first class meeting of the semester. Syllabi may be reviewed in the Office of Graduate Studies, enabling late registrants to purchase texts and complete first and second week assignments.

Independent Study

In addition to engaging in formal coursework, graduate students may enroll in an independent study course under the direction of a faculty mentor, which consists of student-initiated projects and directed readings related to their specific master’s program. Independent study enables students to pursue a specialized topic and assists in achieving competence in self-directed learning. Students are limited to one independent study course (3 credits) during their graduate program. To register for an independent study course, a student must have completed 12 graduate credits with a minimum index of 3.30 and obtained the approval of a full-time faculty member who will serve as mentor. Students must also complete the Independent Study Request Form, which is available on the Jay Stop website: http://jstop.jjay.cuny.edu.

Permit Students

All City University of New York permit students must apply via the ePermit system at www.jjay.cuny.edu. John Jay College graduate students wishing to enroll in courses at other colleges of The City University of New York may do so with the permission of the appropriate graduate program director or the Dean of Graduate Studies and the appropriate authority at the other institution. These courses, upon satisfactory completion, will be credited toward the degree. Grades received for graduate courses at other colleges are computed in the student’s grade point average.

Students from other CUNY colleges wishing to enroll in graduate courses at John Jay may do so on recommendation of their college and with the approval of the Dean of Graduate Studies. At the time of registration, they must file a statement from the registrar of their college certifying to their matriculation in the graduate program and giving them permission to pursue specific graduate courses at John Jay.

Resignation from Courses

Beginning with the fourth week and continuing through the tenth week of the semester, students may withdraw from courses via CUNYfirst without academic penalty. The final date of this period is published in the Academic Calendar each semester. After the tenth week, to withdraw students must apply for resignation.

Requests to resign after the tenth week must be filed at Jay Express Services Center and must include the signature of the instructor as well as medical, occupational, psychological, or other appropriate documentation. Such resignations must be approved by the Vice President for Enrollment Management. If approval is denied and the student does not complete the course in question, he or she receives a grade of WU, which is the equivalent of an F.

Retroactive Resignation

In rare circumstances, students may be granted retroactive resignation from courses taken in a previous semester. However, such resignation must be for all courses taken in that semester and must be due to extraordinary circumstances, substantiated by appropriate documentation.

Please note the following important information regarding retroactive resignation:

  • Retroactive resignation will be allowed only twice in a graduate student's academic career at John Jay College.
  • The deadline to submit a Retroactive Resignation Application is no later than 7 years following the semester from which the student would like to resign.     
  • Retroactive resignation does not provide the basis for requesting a refund. All refunds of tuition and fees are made in accordance with the fee schedule in the Bulletin. If a retroactive resignation is approved, the student may be required to return some or all financial aid received for that semester.
  • Applications for retroactive resignation may be obtained at the Jay Stop website: http://jstop.jjay.cuny.edu.
  • All resignations are subject to final authorization by the Registrar.