2020-2021 Undergraduate Bulletin

AFR 319 Self, Identity & Justice: Global Perspectives

3 hours 

This course is an examination of some of the ways in which the development of the self is impacted by the quality of justice that is available to the individual. Students will develop an appreciation of the interaction between self, identity and justice. Using perspectives that have emerged from the enlightenment, modernity and globalization, we examine how these ways of thinking assist and often limit the ability to develop a healthy self. We will focus on how the policies of justice-related institutions affect self - work and therefore one's access to justice. Case studies will illustrate these issues from the perspectives of gender, class, religion, ethnicity and race, in the United States and in other regions of the world.




ENG 201 and junior standing or above


This course satisfies the John Jay College Option: Justice in Global Perspective (300-level) area of the Gen Ed Program.