2020-2021 Undergraduate Bulletin

ANT 110 Drug Use & Abuse

3 hours 

This class explores the controversies surrounding the causes and consequences of substance abuse as well as treatment modalities and prevention strategies. The course examines the methods used by social scientists to estimate the numbers of people who defy the law by using controlled substances; whether drug use is growing or diminishing; the impact of drug-taking on individuals and groups; and the effects of drug use on health problems and crime rates. A wide variety of works, including ethnographic, sociological and clinical studies, first-hand accounts by drug users, anti-drug polemics, reports from criminal justice sources engaged in the War on Drugs and media accounts will encourage critical thinking about this entrenched individual and social problem.



Cross Listed Courses

SOC 110


This course satisfies the Flexible Core: Individual and Society area of the Gen Ed Program.