2020-2021 Undergraduate Bulletin

ENG 225 Interpreting Objects, Texts and Culture

3 hours

This course teaches students to identify, analyze, and deconstruct the messages and meanings behind everything they see, hear, read, and experience.  Furthermore, it argues that, as responsible consumers and creators of culture, it is imperative that they understand, interpret, and critically engage with those messages, including those with which they may disagree. Utilizing a variety of theories and methods, this course enables students not only to understand how the texts and objects they come into contact with (such as advertisements, television shows, newspaper articles, blog sites, clothing, electronic devices, etc.) shape society, but also how, as responsible members of society, they can participate and intervene in this process. Through this analytical work, they will come to understand the impacts such messages have on society as a whole as well as they individuals who inhabit it. 




ENG 201


This course satisfies the Flexible Core: Individual and Society area of the Gen Ed Program.