2020-2021 Undergraduate Bulletin

ENG 260 Grammar, Syntax, and Style: Writing for All Disciplines

3 hours 

In this how-to, practical course, students will work on grammar, syntax, and style, analyzing lots of writing - the students' own as well as professionals' - to figure out how writers shape language to make it convey clear messages to readers. Students will look at style because it is style rather than content that often directs and organizes meaning. By crafting good sentences - using transitions and subordination, among other things - students will be able to fashion correct, and readable prose, no matter what content they propose to convey. The more time they spend on fine-tuning their sentences, the better sense they gain of how to make language work for them. And as another benefit, they will write with more confidence and clarity, qualities needed for success in their careers.




ENG 201