2020-2021 Undergraduate Bulletin

LIT 375 Topics in Twentieth-century Literature

3 hours 

Topics in Twentieth-century Literature may focus on a literary genre or convention (e.g., confessional poetry, non-linear narrative) or an important theme (e.g., alienation, memory and trauma, dominant vs. minority culture) as a means of understanding the literature of the period. Each semester individual instructors will anchor the course in specific sub-topics, primary texts, cultures, historical moments, etc., depending on their own areas of specialization. The course will approach the canon for this period not as a fixed entity but as a body of work consistently open to reevaluation and critique; alternative texts, voices, and subject positions relevant to the topic will be included. Topics in Twentieth-century Literature will examine select literary movements, authors, and ideas with an eye to the formal features of texts as well as the social, historical and political contexts in which they appear.




ENG 201; LIT 260 or permission of the instructor


LIT 260 or permission of the instructor