2020-2021 Undergraduate Bulletin

LIT 405 Senior Seminar in Literature and Law

3 hours 

This capstone course in Literature and Law will focus on the relationship between literary and legal texts and practices. The seminar topic will be chosen by the individual professor to reflect the interdisciplinary field of literature and law and will underscore how literature and law are integrated disciplines. Using literary and legal texts and approaches, the course may focus on issues raised by the rule of law, the rules of war, the law of nations, and the illicit in social and cultural norms, as well as questions of citizenship, statesmanship, sovereignty, national identity, and international community. Drawing on skills acquired in the concentration, students will participate in contemporary debates in literature and law, and produce a final paper that includes original research. This course is required for seniors in the Literature and Law concentration of the English major.




ENG 201, LIT 305, senior standing