2020-2021 Undergraduate Bulletin

POL 406 Seminar and Internship in New York City Government and Politics

6 hours 

Students take a once weekly John Jay College senior seminar that examines the City Charter and formal governmental structures, New York City politics and public policies. Once per month students also meet at The City University Graduate Center for the CUNY Forum, a CUNY (Cable 75) televised public affairs program featuring guests on current NYC topics and highlighting student participation. In the internship placement, students work 12 to 16 hours for each of the 14 semester weeks with an elected official, city agency, or relevant nonprofit organization. Placements are arranged by the instructor in consultation with the student. The emphasis of the program is a synthesis of the students' seminar work and guided observations in the placement.




ENG 201, and GOV 101 or POL 101, senior status, and permission of the instructor