2020-2021 Undergraduate Bulletin

POL 450 Senior Seminar in International Relations and Comparative Politics

3 hours 

This course will expose advanced undergraduate students to an in-depth analysis and assessment of key concepts, methods, issues, and debates in the fields of international relations and comparative politics. Main topics in this course will include: contending theoretical approaches to understanding international and comparative politics; diverse methodologies; the role of the state in an increasingly interdependent world; evolving perceptions of sovereignty; the impact of domestic and international institutions on political outcomes; and the nature and function of the international legal process. Particular emphasis will be placed on the examination of certain major contemporary issues that include the globalization of financial markets, the challenge of terrorism, and the quest for accountability in world politics. The course aims at providing students with the social scientific training necessary to produce a major research paper.




ENG 201, and GOV 101 or POL 101, and senior standing